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Civil Rights

Violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights in Indiana

The United States and Indiana constitutions, as well as state and federal laws, provide protection against certain actions by an employer, the government or a government official. These provide citizens with protections and remedies against certain civil rights and constitutional rights violations. The attorneys of Anderson Agostino & Keller, P.C. have experience in representing businesses, governmental entities, and individuals in prosecuting and defending these claims. The civil rights and constitutional law practice of Anderson Agostino & Keller, P.C. includes handling claims related to:

  • First Amendment claims — freedom of speech and freedom of religion
  • Whistleblower/Retaliation claims
  • Title VII claims
  • Section 1983 actions
  • Invasion of privacy claims
  • Employment discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Other constitutional violations and statutory claims
The attorneys of Anderson Agostino & Keller, P.C. are experienced trial attorneys, versed in the rules, procedures and customs of the state and federal court systems. The firm can serve as your lead trial attorney, handling all aspects of your case, or as your local co-counsel, functioning as a part of your overall legal team. Whether your civil or constitutional rights have been violated by an employer, co-worker, school district, a government agency or a public official, or you have been accused of violating the rights of others, the law firm of Anderson Agostino & Keller, P.C. is available to protect your interests. For more information about your legal rights, contact the firm for an initial consultation.

 Experienced Civil Rights Attorneys

Peter J. Agostino


Michael P. Misch


Stephanie L. Nemeth


Myra R. Reid